Tuesday, November 23, 2010

letter to a friend: it was good that he came

My dear Kode,

Being a christian is being a follower of Jesus of Nazareth, a man that lived doing good,
who was executed as a criminal by the religious and political authorities, hung on a cross
at the outskirts of Jerusalem two thousand years ago, but whom God have vindicated,
by rising him from the dead to His live. 

This living Jesus is Love from Love, the Savior of the World, through him every person
and everything is being created anew until we all will be reunited with God.  

Oh my friend Kode, let me tell more about the story of Jesus and his friends, and about myself.

Jesus was a jew, born in a humble family from a teenager woman named Mary, whom Joseph
lovingly engaged even knowing that she was already pregnant. 

He was born in a barn, for they had found no other place to stay in Bethlehem, the town of the 
great King David, where they came to register for the imperial census, as Joseph was from the 
lineage of David, descendent of Abraham, descendent of Adam, who was from God. 

This Jesus, very much unnoticed by the world, was the promised Messiah that would restore an even greater Kingdom than that of David. This Jesus was and is the dwelling of the loving God in our midst, the Son of God.  

At that point in time, however, when Jesus was an infant, the blessing that we have of God coming to us in Jesus was just beginning to be understood only by few people. Between them specially Mary, who was meditating in her heart everything concerning Jesus.

Oh my friend Kode, let me tell more about the story of Jesus and his friends, and about myself.

From the Bible, a fragment that is called the Magnificat: 

      "And Mary said:  
       My soul magnifies the Lord
         and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,
         for he has looked on the humble state of his servant.
       From now on all generations will call me blessed,
          for the Mighty One has done great things for me. 
       Holy is his name, 
          and his mercy for those who believe in him 
          extends from generation to generation.
       The deeds of his hand are mighty:
          he has scattered the proud in their hearts,
          he has brought down the rulers from their thrones
          and lifted up the humble;
          he has filled up the hungry with good things,
          and has sent the rich away empty.
       He has helped his servant Israel
          as he had promised to our fathers;
          remembering his mercy to Abraham
          and his offspring forever."     

Oh my friend Kode, when Jesus was 30 years old he started his public life. He brought good news to his people, and about this news, if you wish, I will be writing to you in my next letter.

May the loving God bless us with the humbleness we need for gasping his glory behind the first sight of things. Yours,


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