Saturday, March 24, 2012

Love in times of pain

The news bring us bad tidings : Mohammed Merah, a muslim and a french citizen, went to a Jewish school in the French city of Tolouse, and shot dead three children and a teacher. 

This man that got to the point of killing his fellow citizens, targeted his victims because they were religious Jews. To me, this is but one more example of the result of a young person with a weak brain and poor social skills, who got fascinated by the words of the imams financed by the petrodollars, who keep on and on with an agenda full of hate. Many like me would say that true Islam is not about this, but this is not how Mr Merah thought. We need to learn a lesson about how this came to happen to prevent fanatic ideologies to triumph over in our peaceful and inclusive lands. 

There is grieve in this family. A lot of pain to live with for a long long time. And yet, they not choose to counteract this hate, with more hate. No, they have shown that there can love can exist in this time of pain. The mother of two of the murdered children and wife of the murdered teacher, Mrs Eva Sandler, wrote this letter to answer the people who wanted to know what they could do in her behave. This letter is a ray of hope. 

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