Friday, November 7, 2014

Seven Quick Takes on Friday

Here some interesting things not (all) on theology.
For more takes you can go to ConversionDirary

------- Can you walk on a straight line? ----


---- What is depression----

From Hyperbole and a half.  Permission to post in FAQ      
Allie has made a very interesting cartoon explaining what is depression. Check it here.

------ Do you want to fold a letter medieval style? -----

"Letterfolds are the folds you make so that the contents of a letter cannot be seen. The simplest letterfold is to fold a sheet in half. A common letterfold is to fold a sheet into thirds so that it fits into a standard-size envelope. However, there2 are other clever ways to fold a letter to give it a touch of charm."
You can find some nice letter folds here. I like the Florentine one. 

--------- How to become a Catholic --------

WikiHow has a four part process cartoon description to become a Catholic.

Well, I'm missing three takes, but no-one is perfect. Come to visit next Friday and we'll see.