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When God becomes a math problem

Here's a hymn of Kim Fabricius which addresses this issue of trying to work out a theodicy only as a theoretical problem (you'll find this him in his Paddling by the Shore, Wipf & Stock, 2015) [suggested tune: "Scarlet Ribbons", reproduced with permission]:

Children die from drought and earthquake,
children die by hand of man.
What on earth, and what for God's sake,
can be made of such a plan?
Nothing -- no such plan's been plotted;
nothing -- no such plan exists:
if such suffering were allotted,
God would be an atheist.

Into ovens men drive "others,"
into buildings men fly planes;
history's losers are the mothers,
history's winners are the Cains.
Asking where was God in Auschwitz,
or among the Taliban:
God himself was on the gibbet --
thus the question: Where was man?

God of love and God of power --
attributes in Christ are squared.
Faith can face the final hour,
doubt and anger can be aired.
Answers aren't in explanation,
answers come at quite a cost:
only wonder at creation,
and the practice of the cross.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Leah Libresco, conversion to Catholicism from the moral argument. I quite like her move from stoicism to virtue ethics and then to the need of as platonic form of The Good who is reaches towards as, this is God. Leach is always worth listening. Enjoy!