Friday, January 14, 2011

Angel doing theological exercises

Angel doing theological exercises
Sometimes the theological discurse looks like yoga contortions: once you got used to them they might be a comfortable and liberating place, but do not ask everyone to live performing yoga.

Some weeks ago I was with some friends of mine, and end up talking about God, while we where having some drinks late night. We were two Christians and four people questioning us about this very strange thing of the existence of "believers¨. Maybe these situation sounds strange to you, but in Spain, less and less people is worshiping God these days, so we are quite rare and interesting specimens.

They asked. Is it not that you believe in God as an excuse to be a good person? Does not people have faith because it is too difficult to understand scientifically this complex world, so you invent an unneeded hypothesis?  How do you know God and what is to believe in Him/It?

Thus, I pull out my theological tools and start talking about Faith and Revelation. About different ways that people claim to know God and how faith is the appropriate response. And I talk about Jesus and try to speak also from my own life. All in all, a quite interesting conversation but it seems not a very transformative one. Maybe too many words?

In that moment, the only guy that didn't speak before, go and says: "To me believing in God means to believe that we are all brothers and sisters, or if you like, that we all have the same heavenly Father. And this implies to love as I [Jesus] loved you." I wish I could have change all my talking buy this simple sentence, which probably was all that was needed at that time. Thank you, Óscar.  

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