Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Science and Religion: my thoughts in a nutshell

Challenged by a friend of mine, I've tried to briefly summarize my current position on Science and Religion in a few lines below. Probably this is too narrow, but it might be a good start for a discussion.

Science and Scriptures:
The two accounts of creation in Genesis differ. In the first one, man and woman are created after animals are, while in the second one man is created first, then the animals, and finally the woman. This, which is obviously long known, together with other examples, clearly points out that Scripture in general is not meant to be a scientific description of the world, nor, I think, was it written with that intention.

Science and Faith:
From the same loving God comes both the profane reality and that of faith, consequently they cannot truly conflict. Even more, honest scientists in their efforts to research into the mysteries of reality are like led by God, who holds all things in existence and gives them their identity. ( Gaudium et Spes 36, to which I agree. This is my careful creative reading.)

Natural Laws and God's mighty freedom (i.e, miracles) :
I see miracles not as something opposed to the natural order of the world, but as the opening of the world itself to the constant overflowing presence of God. The almightiness of our loving God is not some sort of higher human-like power, that will solve our problems, as some may say, - remember Jesus dying on the cross! - no!, rather, confessing a pantocrator God is more like saying that there is no place where His presence makes no difference.

Thoughts? Comments?

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