Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hope (invited post)

Hope is a word that opens to us the doors to the light in moments of darkness.

Everyone needs hope in their lives, which can be of different kind: hope to
find a job, hope to find the person to share one's life with, hope to be
healthy, hope to overcome crises, hope that tomorrow the sun will rise again.

Nature can gives us a great example of hope. For example, after a big fire
the earth starts rebirth, and new plants appear again. Also, after a long
winter, when everything seems barren, comes the spring with all its
manifestation of life. Even I have seen some small flowers between
a few tails on a roof.

We should be grateful to nature, since she gives us everyday an example
of how to act in front of the challenges of life.

We have to do like the sunflowers, that always turn to seek the light.

from a catalan text of Mercè Miret, writen for this blog. 

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