Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas party: come and share my joy.

"A full house today!" said the inkeeper smiling. Then he opened the door and greeted me warmly "Please, come inside and make yourself comfortable. I assume you've heard the great news too." So, I went inside and saw that the inn was indeed full.  I counted at least eight fellow shepherds, some of them already having their second -or maybe third- drink. Right in the middle of the room, there was a donkey too, and yellow star talking with two people from the census; apparently they found it strange that almost every women in the room was named Mary. What a weird crowd! No wonder that someone had called in a roman soldier. I myself would have thought him to be an spy from Herod to get news about the birth, but his acquitance with the angels showed me otherwise. And oh!, three or four kings had also come, all wearing similar crowns. "They are so cute." I thought, and went to get a drink of something sweet, wondering also if it was appropriate to ask the filipino maid about some of the most weird people I've ever seen. Eventually I did, and she kindly inform me that there was nothing to worry about, they were visitors from the future, from London 2011, all wishing not to miss such a special night.

Then, everyone gathered, and we were officially told about the famous tidings that will bring a great joy to the world.  So we cherished, and Mr Bethlehem played his old mandolin and we all sang "Little Jesus" and "The three kings" and a long "Glo-o-o-o-o-oria" in the middle of which the young king threw a handful of golden coins over everyone. There, sat at the feet of Mary, I briefly gave thanks to the one most high.

More drinks and food followed. And everybody was happy, talking and mingling around. "Did you come last year?" some people asked, "It was colder then." It didn't snow this year, but even so, few people came outside where we made what it would be a dance with sparkling sticks, and then hurried back inside again into the crowd, where bottles of wine were piling up and the party carried on.

Time went by swiftly, and when the stars of the sky were most of their way down, slowly people started to leave. The inkeeper made the last few teas, and soon there was only me and the music left in the room. And the inkeeper. Completely awake, content to be there, I danced the last lines of the last song, waiting for the moment of tidying up; and so we did, and it was a wonderful moment of a memorable party.

Everyone had been invited: black and white people; men and women; straight, gay and bisexual; transgendered people; astronomers, theologians, accountants, students, writers, cleaning workers, unenployed people; young and old, from seventeen the yongest to more than seventy the oldest -if my numbers are correct-; and all those who came were welcomed and enjoyed the party. I wondered, did the inkeeper know that even if it was he who sent the invitations this party was not ordered by him but by the one who is to come? And when he comes he will say "well done faithful servant, come and share your master's joy"(Mt 25:23).  I kept silent though, it was not a moment for wording theology.

The party was over. The inkeeper nicely offered me a soft bed upstairs. I wanted to say a short prayer but instead I thought "I should write a story about today in my blog". I closed my eyes and slept; and I had a very nice dream.

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