Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reading the Catechism: week 1

 For this Year of Faith, Pope Benedict has encouraged the faithful to study and reflect on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I have enrolled to the project to read the full Catechism in a year, every day a bit.  You can enrol to this feed and you will receive few paragraph every day in your email.

I will comment from time to time (maybe every week?) on what I have read. For the week one, this is what I like to remember:

The Catechism starts with very beautiful paragraphs expounding the love of God for the mankind and how he comes and invites us to share his blessed live. [# 0,1,2]

The Catechism presents and organic synthesis of the essential and fundamental contents of Catholic doctrine, as regards to both faith and morals [#1] and is intended primarily for those responsible of catechesis: first of all bishops [#12]

Teachers must not imagine that a single kind of soul has been entrusted to them, and that consequently it is lawful to teach and form equally all the faithful in true piety with one and the same method! [#24]

Moreover, in whatever is proposed for believe, hope or action, the love of our Lord must always be made accessible, so that anyone can see that all the works of perfect Christian virtue spring from love and have no other objective than to arrive to love. [#25]

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