Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Deliverance of God. Richard Beck Summary

I have just brought "The Deliverance of God: An apocalyptic rereading of Justification in Paul" by Campbell. The reading of Campbell shows that Paul presents a gospel centered in Christ. The good news of a liberating God through the faithfulness of Jesus. This is better news than the most common reform reading, and arguably much closer to Paul teaching.  Here, I recover a wonderful series of posts by Richard Beck on this book.

Part1: Justification Theory
Part2: Intrinsic Problems of Justification Theory
Part3: Systematic Problems of Justification Theory
Part4: Empirical Problems of JustificationTheory
Part5: Justification Theory in Reformation
Part6: The Unholy alliance of Justification Theory and Modernity
Part7: Attacking the Citadel
Part8: The False Gospel
Part9: The False Gospel, Continuation
Part10: The deliverance of God
Part11: Father Abraham
Part12: The Rethorical Reading of Romans 1-4

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