- why confirmation should be before the age of 10
  a) erasing misunderstanding b) coherence
- women in the church: a proposal to the Pope

Letters to a friend:
-  A treasure I want to share
-  It was good that he came 
-  The dream of God
-  As I have loved you
-  Eat me!

Following Jesus:
 - short pledge
 - long pledge

  - joyful creation as do it again
  - do not kill theologians

Looking at the scriptures
  - were the shepherds crazy?

Topics I am interested:
  - Atonement Theory
  - Science and Religion
  - Confirmation Age 
  - Universal Redemption
  - Science and Faith interplay
  - Interpretation of the Scriptures
  - Evolution of Dogma
  - Fundamental Moral
  - ...